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Jake has a background in journalism but, after some time working at a newspaper on NSW's Central Coast, he relocated from Newcastle to Sydney and segued into marketing and content roles. A lifelong pop culture fan, rumor has it that he sleeps on a giant treasure trove of books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and comics.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: PJ Harvey, Beastie Boys, Madlib
TOP 3 MOVIES: Strangers On A Train, Hangin' With The Homeboys, Aliens
BEST CONCERT: The National at the Sydney Opera House in 2014
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Being terrified by the prologue of Ralph Bakshi's animated film, The Lord of the Rings (1978). The music, the voiceover and the live-action silhouettes against a blood-red backdrop were four minutes of pure nightmare fuel for an overly imaginative child.

Fatima - A respectful retelling of a miraculous story
FATIMAA respectful retelling of a miraculous story
A handsomely filmed recreation of a tale that continue to inspire people to flock to Portugal each year, over 100 years later, in order to catch a glimpse of what those children saw.
Dirt Music - A typically flawed Tim Winton adaptation
DIRT MUSICA typically flawed Tim Winton adaptation
The film asks the audience to embrace two lost characters who eventually go to the edge of the earth to find themselves. But, for us, they remain strangers to the end.
The Turning - Henry James' haunting masterpiece gets 'The Conjuring' treatment
THE TURNINGHenry James' haunting masterpiece gets 'The Conjuring' treatment
The film gets its scares on the cheap, relying on tricks like haggard faces popping out of the unfilled spaces behind characters. It's a shame the script wasn't written by someone with a defter touch.
The Mystery of Henri Pick - A charming literary detective story
THE MYSTERY OF HENRI PICKA charming literary detective story
For a film about a man ruining his life over (possibly) a great literary fraud, this is a surprisingly sophisticated and light-hearted crowd-pleaser.
The Wretched - Uneven but satisfyingly disgusting
THE WRETCHEDUneven but satisfyingly disgusting
The Pierce Brothers suck viewers in with pulpy wet sounds of flesh popping open and bones splintering. The scares aren't just competent - they're consummately disgusting, too.
Shudder with horror - Streaming service for thrills and the supernatural arrives in Australia
SHUDDER WITH HORRORStreaming service for thrills and the supernatural arrives in Australia
If you aren't sure what to watch on Shuddler's Australian service, SWITCH has put together reviews for some of the horror titles that you can catch up on.
Pretending I'm a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story - The game that inspired a generation
An enjoyable and informative project that captures the joy of the sport in a way that anyone can appreciate, skater or gamer.
Driveways - A story of rare emotional depth and sensitivity
DRIVEWAYSA story of rare emotional depth and sensitivity
Graced by a career-best performance by Brian Dennehy, this is a richly realised drama that doesn't overplay its lessons on life.
Peninsula - An action-packed but brainless follow-up to a horror classic
PENINSULAAn action-packed but brainless follow-up to a horror classic
'Peninsula' has flat characters, the plot is beyond stupid, the action and the gore are plentiful, and the movie borrows from so many other movies it may as well come with a homage checklist.
Corpus Christi - Dreams, deceit and salvation
CORPUS CHRISTIDreams, deceit and salvation
Featuring some beautiful images of the Polish countryside, this is a powerful story of sacrifice and redemption.
A Rainy Day in New York - A waterlogged romantic comedy
A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORKA waterlogged romantic comedy
A distant echo of Allen's early masterpieces, the film has no discernible point except to display some of Manhattan's swankiest apartments and most historic hotel bars.
Kubrick by Kubrick - A low-key chat with a master of cinema
KUBRICK BY KUBRICKA low-key chat with a master of cinema
While this isn't a comprehensive look at the director's life or his work, it does offer some fresh insights into his outlook towards filmmaking - and there's quite a bit there for movie buffs, too.
Deerskin - Hilarious and horrific
DEERSKINHilarious and horrific
If you only have time to watch one bizarre French horror-comedy about a guy and the jacket that seems to hold an extreme power over his mind, 'Deerskin' is it.
Wendy - Visually striking, narratively clunky
WENDYVisually striking, narratively clunky
Despite strong similarities to Benh Zeitlin's earlier 'Beasts of the Southern Wild', some script issues and a sense of overfamiliarity makes this a slog.
Relic - The curse of old age
RELICThe curse of old age
This isn't just an impressively eerie horror movie debut from a first-time director, it's a test of devotion and love that lurks in the unforeseen distance for parents and their children.
Blood Vessel - Disappointingly anaemic
BLOOD VESSELDisappointingly anaemic
Despite some decent work from the makeup, prosthetics, and special effects teams, the lethargic pacing and lack of substantive innovation means the end result is disappointingly lifeless.
Black Water: Abyss - Abyss-mally shoddy
BLACK WATER: ABYSSAbyss-mally shoddy
This should have been a shrewd, scary situational suspense film, but pacing issues and a lack of ideas sinks this one to the bottom of the swamp.
House of Cardin - Unveiling the personality behind the fashion brand
HOUSE OF CARDINUnveiling the personality behind the fashion brand
The documentary establishes in a compelling, dynamic way the creative genius that Cardin was, and still is. For anyone with an interest in fashion, brands or revolutionary thinking, it's a must-see.
The Vigil - A rare excursion into Yiddish horror
THE VIGILA rare excursion into Yiddish horror
Although it explores a dark part of history via some fascinating mythology, this supernatural thriller falls victim to the influence of lazy modern horror filmmaking tropes.
The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead - A screwball crime caper
Maybe it's just pure luck that its breathless messiness doesn't cancel out the charm of Kao Pin-Chuan's quick-cut filmmaking, which syncretises slick techniques and goofy old-school fun.
Push - The human cost of the housing crisis
PUSHThe human cost of the housing crisis
The documentary follows activist Leilani Farha on a journey around the world to hear the human stories of renters and buyers who are struggling to compete with the high cost of living in cities.
The Sound is Innocent - Processing electronic music
THE SOUND IS INNOCENTProcessing electronic music
This documentary attests that electronic music infinitely extends the acoustic without uprooting it. Electronic music is the sound of our world discovering, not remembering, itself.
In The Shadow It Waits - The terror of self-isolation
IN THE SHADOW IT WAITSThe terror of self-isolation
Researchers are talking up an epidemic of loneliness linked to COVID-19 lockdowns, and this is filmmaking reacting to the trauma the entire world is experiencing.
Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer - Remembering a true master of film
ANDREY TARKOVSKY. A CINEMA PRAYERRemembering a true master of film
Andrey Tarkovsky made visually stunning, mysterious films that ask more questions than they answer. This film goes a long way towards helping to understand the man behind these beautiful works of art.
Swans: Where Does a Body End? - An exhaustive look at an exhausting band
SWANS: WHERE DOES A BODY END?An exhaustive look at an exhausting band
A revealing profile of frontman Michael Gira and an honest and exhaustive look at Swans, it does the impossible by defining a musical collective that has been in a constant state of metamorphosis.
A White, White Day - Love, loss and anger in Iceland
A WHITE, WHITE DAYLove, loss and anger in Iceland
The film reveals itself as a deeply considered and profound statement about the slippery nature of masculinity, loneliness, anger and the human capacity for love.
It Must Be Heaven - A lyrical and absurdist trip around the world
IT MUST BE HEAVENA lyrical and absurdist trip around the world
Filled with humour, pathos, eerie poetry and the driest slapstick, its endearing message is that people are kooky all over the world, even if some countries offer their own brands of zaniness.
The Rise of the Synths - Neon, pulsing bass and heaps of 80s nostalgia
THE RISE OF THE SYNTHSNeon, pulsing bass and heaps of 80s nostalgia
The charm of synth music is innocence - the fact that, at heart, synth music is still the result of nerds fiddling with keyboards in their garage.
Forman vs. Forman - The life of a creative rebel
FORMAN VS. FORMANThe life of a creative rebel
Miloš Forman experienced life-changing events and was able to take advantage of them and turn them into a narrative of an individual‛s never-ending fight for freedom against institutions.
Sea Fever - Paranoia, parasitic plagues and pandemic horror
SEA FEVERParanoia, parasitic plagues and pandemic horror
The film manages a few striking sequences - most notably, a slow-motion underwater first contact with a big glowing jellyfish and its impossibly long tendrils. It's hard to discount that kind of "ick" factor.
Proxima - An earthbound drama about motherhood
PROXIMAAn earthbound drama about motherhood
It isn't a visually flashy film, but this only enhances the intimacy of this earthbound drama about a high-achieving woman's reeling at the thought of leaving her young daughter behind her.
Light of My Life - An intense test of the father/daughter bond
LIGHT OF MY LIFEAn intense test of the father/daughter bond
Newcomer Anna Pniowsky matches Casey Affleck's typically delicate performance perfectly and they share a genuine rapport onscreen, anchoring a touching relationship drama.
Angelfish - A slight but sweet romance
ANGELFISHA slight but sweet romance
A thoughtful look at an urban interracial romance. As Peter Lee's first film, 'Angelfish' is quite remarkable, and he and his impressive young cast are people to watch for in the future.
Non-Fiction - Literature, laughs and lewd liaisons
NON-FICTIONLiterature, laughs and lewd liaisons
It may be a film about rich people living rich people lives and doing rich people things, but it's also a funny one with a lot of smart insights.
A Good Woman Is Hard To Find - Hard-boiled crime and punishment in Belfast
A GOOD WOMAN IS HARD TO FINDHard-boiled crime and punishment in Belfast
With some striking shots of Belfast, stylish neon-coloured lighting and a chilling score from Matthew Pusti, this is a moody addition to the crime revenge film genre.
Sweetheart - A lean, mean survival thriller
SWEETHEARTA lean, mean survival thriller
Cleverly directed on a low-budget, this is a streamlined, satisfying mix of old-school monster action and island survival thrills.
The Grudge - The movie reboot curse claims another victim
THE GRUDGEThe movie reboot curse claims another victim
Although handsomely shot, with several good actors doing their best and a small handful of unsettling visuals, this is ultimately a dull, disjointed mess that is riddled with cheap "boo!" moments.
Fantasy Island - A suprisingly fun horror-tinged adventure
FANTASY ISLANDA suprisingly fun horror-tinged adventure
A surprisingly fun, undemanding, slickly-filmed diversion that will keep its target audience entertained.
The Rhythm Section - Watchable but completely unmemorable espionage thrills
THE RHYTHM SECTIONWatchable but completely unmemorable espionage thrills
Lacking in realism or excitement, this is a serviceable, instantly forgettable time-waster.
25 Free-to-Watch Short Horror Films - The scariest shorts we uncovered online
25 FREE-TO-WATCH SHORT HORROR FILMSThe scariest shorts we uncovered online
We've compiled the most disturbing, unsettling, and spooky shorts, from older pieces by masters of the genre to animated tales to straight-up bonkers pieces that keep you guessing.
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