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Joel interviews the MIFF team to find out what's in this year's program announcement! Click to listen to our special SWITCHCast ep now.x
The Princess Diaries - 20 years since Genovia found its princess
The film stands the test of time as one of those teen movies that, since its release, has become almost a rite of passage. It's comforting and something we all crawl back to - it's a royal delight.
Melbourne International Film Festival program revealed!
Charlie and Joel present a special episode of SWITCHCast, as they check out two of the biggest events in Australia's cinematic calendar! To celebrate the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival's full program announcement, we chat to the team behind the line-up, as well as one filmmaker whose film is showing at this year's Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.
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'The Princess Diaries' Trailer
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